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The Causes of Snoring and How it Can be Prevented

About 90 million Americans snore during their sleep, and 37 million others report that snoring affects them nightly. The a major cause of snoring is when air squeezes through a narrow or blocked airway. Other causes include obesity, resting on the back, sleep deprivation and consuming alcohol too close to sleeping time.

There are some instances when you will require to seek medical help so as to treat the underlying condition. Below are some of the reasons for snoring and how they can be prevented.

Check Your Weight
Losing weight helps un reducing the amount of tissue in the throat that might be causing the snoring. You can lose weight by cutting your overall caloric intake by eating smaller portions and more healthy foods. It is also important that you exercise regularly.

Make use of a Nasal Strip or an External Nasal Dilator
You can place stick-on nasal strips on the deck of the nose to increase the area in the nasal passage. This way, your breath can be more efficient, and you can reduce or stop the snoring.

Alternatively, you can use the nasal dilator which is a hardened adhesive strip that is stuck on top of the nose across the nostrils. The nasal dilator decreases airflow resistance thus making breathing easier.

Sleep Sideways
When you sleep on your back, you tend to snore more than when sleeping on your side because the base of the tongue and soft palate relax into the back of your throat.
Having a full-length body pillow may help you snooze the right way the entire night. It is so because the pillow can hold your back and belly.

There are people born with a deviated septum, or others get it as a result of an injury. A deviated septum refers to the misalignment of the wall the two sides of the nose which restricts airflow. It may cause mouth breathing while sleeping which results in snoring. It may be necessary to undergo reconstructive surgery to correct the condition.

Use an Oral Applinace
Dental mouthpieces, referred to as oral appliances can assist in keeping your air passages open thus making it easier for you to breathe. Snoring can be prevented by this. Talk to your dentist and have him design one of these devices for you.

As much as possible, keep from drinking alcohol at least three hours before sleeping. Being a relaxing stimulant, alcohol, if taken a few minutes before bedtime will cause the throat muscles to rest more than is usual. This will cause you to snore the entire night waking up your spouse.

Snoring can interrupt your sleep as well as that of your partner. Besides it being irritable, it can be a sign of a serious health problem thus the need to see your doctor have it put under control.

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